Scans Confirm Drugs Were In Baba Suwe’s Body – To Be held For 15 More Days

At a time when many people were already condemning the actions of NDLEA claiming that nollywood actor, Baba Suwe, was innocent of the cocaine allegations leveled against him, results of a CT scan test confirmed a large amount of drugs in his body.
According to NDLEA Intelligence officer,Femi Johnson Osifuye, a CT scan result issued by a consultant radiologist with the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Dr Subhash Vijayvargiya confirmed that the actor has large amount of narcotic drugs in his body.


He added that as a result of Baba Suwe’s refusal to eat, he had not excreted the ingested substances.

Osifuye stated that after the comedian made the second excretion and no substance was found, the NDLEA had to take him to LASUTH for another CT scan for a second opinion on whether he indeed ingested the narcotic drugs, and the test confirmed a large amount of drugs in his body.

He further stated that with the confirmation that the actor still has hard drugs in his stomach, he is bound to excrete it with time.

He contended that the detained actor’s case was not an isolated one as it takes some suspects a longer time to excrete than others, hence the need to further keep him in custody.

Osifuye asserted that it would take the detained actor about five to seven days to complete excreting the whole drugs in his stomach.He added that the suspect must be in custody for the agency to retrieve the ingested drugs.

Osifuye stressed that it would be in the interest of the suspect to excrete the ingested substances so as to prevent them from bursting in his abdomen, a situation the agency argued might lead to his death.

In another development, Justice Okechukwu Okeke of the Federal High Court, Lagos has acceded to a request by the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to further detain Baba Suwe for 15 more days.


  1. is it taking people so long to excrete the drugs, if the NDLEA dont have anything to say again, they should leave him, we all know its everyday for the thieves, a day for the owner.

  2. All those supporting him should shut up cos nobody is above d law. He should b treated like any ordinary nigerian. NDLEA carry on wit ur work. …Sue fire!

  3. if truly the CT scan test still confirm the presence of the suspected drugs in him and it is abound to be excreted with time then 15days is not much as far as the truth will be unveiled to people let’s keep the judgment till then its very simple and definite.

  4. if he refuses to eat then get him a laxative to make him purge out d whole thing. I believe so much in scan…….. it doesn’t fail

  5. There are too many contradictions in relation to this issue. How can we be made to understand that Baba Suwe has been co-operating and that NDLEA isn’t having problems with him. But am reading here that he is refusing to eat. Isn’t that contradicting. Please give us good and correct informations. Thanks

  6. Suwe wants to transform from shit to Billions. His lawyers are also eager to go to work on that for him. But I see a very dangerous game here. Time will tell.

  7. My concern about this matter is that, I read it on the newspaper that he refused to eat and NDLA wants to detain him for another 15 days. If the drug that NDLA claimed burst in his stomach, what will be the outcome?

  8. how many days does it take drugs to burst in one’s stomach if failed to excrete?
    if he ingested the drugs as they claim it would have bursted in his stomach long ago.
    how many days now,abi na foil dem carry wrap am?
    they should dialogue with him so he doesn’t sue them for damages and free him thereafter.

  9. It’s not like am condeming him but if baba suwe refuses 2 eat then Ndlea shld get him laxative or agbo jedijedi 2 make him purge out d whole thing…does he think he’s avin an audition there

  10. To me justice must take its toll.i believe this serve as deterent to other who wants to get rich overnight.lord have mercy.

  11. So evry one is waitin for baba suwe’s shit hmm i guess very soon U̶̲̥̅̊ will wait for mine for more dan A̶̲̥̅ year cos am comming τ̲̅ȍ set d records straight. NDLEA be inform.


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