Goodluck Launches YouWin To Provide Jobs For Thousands Of Nigerians

President Goodluck Jonathan has launched an initiative to support Nigerian entrepreneurs.
The initiative known as Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria or YouWin.
The YouWin innitiative is targeted at youths between the ages of 18 and 35 who already own businesses or have strong business plans. More details can be found at
You can view the qualifications for YouWin below:

Qualification for Participation in YouWiN!

All applicants for the Business Plan Competition will be required to satisfy all of the following criteria to be eligible for consideration:

The applicant is a proven citizen of Nigeria, no older than 35 years (proof of identity international passport/voters card)
The applicant is proposing a business venture within the national borders of Nigeria, and with the intention of employing Nigerian citizens.
The proposed venture does not entail the production and distribution of weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or/and gambling, or any activities that is in contradiction with the Nigerian constitution
Applicants have prepared an innovative business concept summary
The promoter should be willing to make an equity contribution in kind, but does not need to have long experience in managing a business
The applicant must choose to participate in one award pool. There are 6 regional pools on the basis of geo political zone as identified by market in which the applicant wishes to do business.
To apply visit:
During the launch of YouWin President Goodluck Jonathan spoke about some American innovators and what he hopes would be the outcome of this initiative, he said “Jobs started his career by building the first Apple personal computer in the run-down garage of his foster parents and he pursued his entrepreneurial dreams to become one of the most influential innovators of the 21st century.

Similarly Bill Gates’ Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook are eloquent testimonies to the capacity of the youth to dream big and win big in an innovative manner. We have such men and women in this land too: our challenge is to find them early, nurture them and encourage them”.


  1. i pray that the lord wil continue to strenghten our leaders especially our president in his transformation agenda and now he has recognised the unemployed youths.kudos to u sir rid on we are behind u.

  2. haaa, another way to place thr pikinss for government payroll… Gud motive but i dont see the visibility of it implementation wit dis our weak president and bad leaders… Will it work out? I pray ooo… Mk I Go Drink Malt

  3. Am beginning to believe that my vote was not a waste, thank you Mr president. am sharing this link on Facebook for the world to see and my Nigerian folks can be more aware.

  4. we want actualization, not just empty promises, i hope this is not going to be like the $200m promised boost for the entertainment industry last year whereby up till now we have not seen anything? All the same we shall continue to pray for u.

  5. Welldone bros GEJ,i need registration urgently,after which u will my display of untapped talent\good innovation in d nigerian environment.

  6. this is what we been waiting for, thanks my belove president for taking the issue of unemployment seriou and we pray that the award will not base on godfatherism.

  7. hmmm good ideal but who will inpliment this, without bowowo in nigeria. that is the problem they wil not, democracy is the govem of me and not them that niger 4 u. but let see.

  8. kudos mr president! But u must as a matter of importance thrash out dose sycophants,dose saboteurs who ll b alive 2 c gud tins hpn 2 nigeria…buy dis u ll succeed..end of discussion.

  9. I thank God this youwin initiative. i also thank our president for remembring unemployed youths. I pray that it should not be for big bros and politician youth only. every nigerian youth should benefit.

  10. This is what we are waiting for,i need a job and i think i will be qualifide to win, i advice that this should be given a proper check.Thank you mr president and i think its a welcome development.

  11. Kudos! Mr. president , at least this will further strengthen our confindence in you,and that you still have us(the youth) very much in plans . Nigerian youths are mental-physically fit people with entrepreneurial skills and a great sense of business acumen -having innovative skills that has almost gone into oblivion. However, with this initiative more jobs will be created and this will help further strengthen the economy (INCREASE GDP).

  12. Flesh and blood has not reveal this ideal to his excellency, Dr. Goodluck E. Jonathan but my father in heaven. It is obvious that it is not the initiator of this program (excellency, Dr. Goodluck E. Jonathan) that will conduct the recruitment excersize due to the enormity of his leadership activities. However, I wish the president will sellect those sharing his vision of dealing with this menance called UNEMPLOYMENT. I say this because the best result of a plan is obtained by the originator of the plan or people sharing same vision with the originator. I also pray the president to ensure, in his kind-heartedness, that this plan is not executed by those who would prefer to recruit those who are connected to a well-meaning Nigerian but not those who merit being recruited. My huge thanks go to the president of the federal republic of Nigeria (his excellency Dr. Goodluck E. Jonathan) for this inovation. God bless you SIR!

  13. It is not all about arresting this women. The issue should be stoped from the grassroot by also arresting those who sent the women.

  14. Dis is a right step on the right direction to cubbing unemployment in our country. Thank you Mr. President for this step you have chosen to take.

  15. please mr president,look into infrastructure in dis country wit d money cos we fit survive wit only dat. order EFCC to arrest LGA chairmen and councellors becos this guys chop money oh! waste money for houses where resemble FCMB.this is their responsibility.see all d commissioner for south south don worth over 20b niara.they do not have dey waste our money too.use them to subsidize fuel.leave every programme now cos wit corruption i no go work.fight, fight corruption.if u like get 15 agenda but me i ask u to get one agenda for corruption.dis our country is sick.

  16. i dey vex cos that money go miss road.if state govt dey do election for LG,then problem dey.we nid to start every thing from grassroot.hunger dey touch my skin i don lean finish.abeg make i drink water

  17. Good plan mr president,but who ar realy goin to benefit?is it d poor jobless youth or d children of d rich nd politicians?I am a jobless graduate with good grade.i hope it works.

  18. It seems like a dream,a day dream lndeed to me for mr president to remember the most vibrant,the most productive,the most energetic and the most dynamic part of any country population.we,the nigeria youths.home and abroad throw our weights behind you for this good initiative.God will continue to be with president Goodluck thanks for taking a step to give us your Goodluck.

  19. Hmmm, mr prsidnt i admire ur guts nd courage to put forward dis initiative, i also knw dat dis project wil end up nt favourin d comon man, rada d children of politician nd influencial pesnalitis. Mr presidnt dis might nt b ur plan bt it wil hapen. Wit al due respet u wont b dere to screen proposals, look at dem nor even select. D system has been corupt b4 u came in. Bt al dsame weda we benefit or nt u hav brot a great idea kip it up. Its a big ups to d presidency

  20. Let the bark not be bigger than the bite o. Not that after announcing the whole thin it will now die a natural death. If that happens it will ruin the nations economy because noises like this usually leads to inflation and once inflation occurs, price reduction is not always possible. The expections will be dashed and life will become unbearable. I on my own part think announcements should be followed by immediate actions and delibertions shuold be at the house of assembly. Also prolonged promises are giving much room for embezzlements because as at the time of execution of projects people would have lost faith and interest.anyway, i belief that our leasers know the right things to do but the prayer is that God should give them the spirit of doing it. Amen

  21. Mr president this i think is a starting point for the Nigerian youths,i only hope that the Nigerian mentality of media deceit does not take the day.many Nigerians believe it is meant for the big names,please Mr president do not clear our doubt.let this be a prove that u recognize the masses

  22. Bravo Monsieur le président! I would lk 2 say dat this is d greatest legacy any1 can leave- to invest in d youths, d future of nation & world at large. This ll go a long way but pls, let it be free & fair, i hp those anchoring this initiatv do nt hv bottle necks.

  23. I am a young business man trying to inprove my busiess. My line of busiess is phone accessries and rechcard, with one young boy as a sale boy praying him 8000 a monuth, God bless and keep the president Nigeria is bless.

  24. This is a wonderful initiation by an intellegent President (His excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) that cares for the future of this great country (Nigeria).if this programe is properly implimented it will not only reduce poverty but eradicate unemployment in the history of this country ‘Nigeria’at the same time reduces violence and the level of curruption in the country that I so much believe. May God bless Mr President and our country Nigeria as a whole. Amen.

  25. Kudos to you Mr.President. We youth really appreciate your effort for the growth of this country.This is a wonderful step.How I wish you go for the second term again in ruling this country again.God bless you sir.

  26. Mr president, we appreciate that good effort. we pray that something good will also reach our brothers in the villages that don’t have access to internet.

  27. That man is decieving the Nigerian, i think he is just talking becos he got a big mouth,before i will belive that.let him give that help to the poor people first before believing that what he said is true.MEN NIGERIAN GOV ARE DAM TOO SNICKY,NASTY PIG
    b4 believing that nigga,i want to see that all poor people there got food to eat as other countries does.hell mr president.

  28. I am a,an employer of labour say two staff on my payroll but now i want to expand my business unit to a conventional Veterinary Clinic,so wen i came across dis programme i decided to use dis opportunity to reach out to create job for d jobless youths out there in my area- north eastern nigeria. I wud be very grateful, if my request will be given due consideration.
    More grease to elbow Mr President for ur laudable project to reduce unemployment & wealth creation for nigerian teeming youths at home and abroad alike.

  29. it is a very good program if and only if there is no politics on it!!! i have a business that will employ many people but because of money, it looks as if is hampered. but this program is a road to it. Thanks federal government!

  30. Mr president i really wish i had known about this initiative program before now,well,now that i know,i think i hav to appreciate you for this great idea and love for Nigerian youths.This will really cut down corruption in Nigeria and i pray for you,this will never be your last sir.

  31. i realy aprishiate the planing of the federal govrment of nigeria by asisting youth in nigeria throuth enterfrenuer ship is very good analysis it will helf the youth in our society thank you youwin god bless us ammeen

  32. ‘Am into farming, production of cassava and plantain in a large quantities in which am planning of supplying a flower mill and other companies that uses cassava as their raw materials. Cassava is useful for at least 54 products that can empower our local ccompanies and enhance nation’s economy. This is the beginning of answers to the prayer of the saints.Bible says pray for the peace of Jerusalem(Nigeria),they that love it shall prosper. I strongly believe that things will change for better in this nation,God will visit Nigeria. Mr president, God puts you in the presidential post for a purpose,even you yourself may not know yet but God Almighty does things for a purpose. Sir, you are the Elijah and Gideon of our generation. And my prayer for you again is that the courage,boldnes and sufficient grace that was given to those men of old in the Bible shall be given unto you in Jesus name. The God of Abraham,God of Issac and God of Jacob shall be with you in Jesues name. Those people that I mentioned were succeded you also will succed. Surely goodness and mercy of God shall be with you all the days of your life. The programme is a divine one and nothing will stand against it, because it is of God Almighty. I love you Mr president.

  33. The fact is that one can not really complete the form…. Has anyone checked and has anyone really seen the new Business Plan Application? Pls advice

  34. If you continue this good program, you will continue to rule this country. Please, reach the local towns, I mean extends this favour beyond cities and extend the age limit. We are suffering too much. God bless you more. Thanks.

  35. Were we re strongly behind you by GOD’s grace you re already there we re full of talent but no money to show it up pls help the nation.


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