Miss Universe Leila Lopes Accused of Not Being African

Controversy and bitter words continue to trail the new Miss Universe, Leila Lopes. First it was the angry words uttered by Miss France in which she claims that Leila Lopes was not fit to be Miss Universe, now we hear claims of Leila Lopes not being African.

According to Argentine’s Infobae, a mysterious man named Charles Mukano forged documentation—including falsifying claims that Lopes is a business administration student in the UK—that allowed her to enter the Miss Angola UK pageant, and subsequently, win the Miss Universe title. Presumably, Lopes resides in Angola and only Angolans who live in Great Britain are eligible for participation.
In case those allegations weren’t enough to discredit Ms. Lopes, the rumor mill churned out the one unconfirmed tid-bit that is sure to gain more traction in the mainstream media than the original achievement of winning Miss Universe has so far been unable to accomplish:

Ms. Lopes is accused of not being a Black African woman; instead, she is allegedly Cuban and speaks fluent Spanish, whats the difference.


  1. leila lopes, though I’ve not seen her or heard her speak, I believe she deserved to win. So all this outcry is by dimwitted, racial bigots. For Christ sake whether cuban or angolan she has African ancestry.

  2. What’s all the fuss about? She’s Miss UNIVERSE, not Miss Africa!!!! Anywhere in the world she comes from, she qualifies to be Miss Universe, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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