Boko Haram To Bomb 20 Nigerian Universities – UNIBEN, UI, Others

DISSATISFIED with its unchallenged bombing activities in the North, Boko Haram has threatened to extend the reign of terror to southern parts of the country.

Leaders of the sect said yesterday that their radar was now on University of Ibadan (UI), University of Benin (UNIBEN) and 18 other universities, which they said they would bomb between yesterday (September 12) and September 17.

Boko Haram sent an e-mail last Thursday to the mail box of UNIBEN Registrar, notifying the institution of its resolve to bomb the university as part of its agenda to stop western education in the country. Last week, there was a bomb scare at the Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa.

In the purported e-mail, the Islamic Sect gave September 12 to 17 as the target date to detonate bombs at the higher institution, warning that the message was “not a threat, but a notification which must be strictly adhered to.”

The sect declared that it had listed University of Benin alongside 19 other universities where it planned to explode bombs within the stipulated period it gave, saying “Western education must stop in Nigeria. May Allah bless us.”

In order not to be caught off guards, UNIBEN authorities yesterday beefed up security at the two campuses of the institution. Security personnel thoroughly searched every car moving in and out of the institution.

Vanguard gathered that against the backdrop of the threat, several students of the university have voluntarily stayed away from the institution as a precautionary measure to avoid being victims of the planned bomb blast.

Contacted yesterday, the University Public Relations Officer, Mr. Harrison Osarenren confirmed the receipt of the Boko Haram threat e-mail message.

However, there were indications yesterday that many of the students were unaware of the threat as lectures went on smoothly.


UI receives threat too


Relatedly, UI management also confirmed Boko Haram’s threat to bomb the university between 12 and 17 September.

The rumour was confirmed yesterday by the Acting Vice Chancellor of the university, Pro. Elijah Afolabi Bamigboye while speaking with newsmen at the institution

The threat led to serious panic among the staff and students and there was heavy security presence at the main entrance that is opposite Agbowo Shopping Complex.

Many staff and visitors going into the campus were subjected to thorough search by security operatives who were armed with AK 47 rifles and bullet proof jackets.

Motorists entering the institution waited many hours in a traffic snarl and this affected all vehicles coming from Ojoo end of the road.

Prof. Bamigboye, who said he too was subjected to thorough search, said the security beef-up was necessary to check any eventuality.

His words: “We heard rumours that a group which detests education is likely to descend on institutions where education is being imparted. We heard that UI is top on the list. When we heard the rumour of threat to bomb UI, we did not want to take chances. We’ve heard of experiences in the past, especially the recent bombing of the UN house in Abuja as well as the Force headquarters which left several people dead. The essence is to sensitize the community and to alert the people on the rumour. We directed the security department to step up screening of all vehicles into the campus. My car too was subjected to thorough search this morning.”

The don condemned the threat and the accompanying traffic logjam saying it was not the best for the institution’s image now that some foreigners were preparing to come.

“You can imagine if such international people were to come to UI now and face this traffic snarl. Of course, they will go back and who knows, they could go back to their country to spread the information that Nigerian universities are not safe,” he lamented.

For a host of southerners, it used to sound like news from distant lands even though it was so close as newspapers, television and radio stations buzzed with reports of deadly bomb explosions detonated by the dreaded Islamic Sect, Boko Haram, in many Northern cities including Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

For about a year now, counting from the October 1, 2010 Independence Day twin bomb explosions in Abuja, Boko Haram had stepped up its campaign to stop western education in Nigeria with a series of bomb blasts including a recent car-bombing of the Police Headquarters, Abuja and the bombing of the United Nations office in Abuja, which claimed scores of lives and with property worth millions of Naira destroyed.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers


  1. He who sleeps with a dog, will wake-up with fleas. Whatever happens 2day in our country, our so called ‘leaders or rulers’ are solidely behind and responsible 4 it. Let them continue in their looting, siphons exercise, and their devilish gross-misconducts. Let the security of the nation never be their business and mass unemployments. If the so called leaders or rulers of this country have ever taken the security of this country serious, this situation can never occure. If our security sat-lite are working, who are the ‘BOKO HARAM’ To create panics to the whole country? My advise to the rulers of this country, dat’s if they are willing to tell themselves the truth, and shun favouritism. Lets invites other advanced countries in technologies to come to our aid. Otherwise, we are just beating around the bush. Look at the universities mentioned, the type of security measures. Dat’s nonsensical. Wat about other universities dat were not mentioned?

  2. All what these so-called BOKO HARAM are doing is not good. Is it a must for us to eradicate EDUCATION in this Nation? This is a question that needs to be answered by our leaders………………

  3. Its unfair 4 d person postin dis that a school shud be bombed.u shud in no reason think of such.
    Sorry, are u just leaving secondary school?

  4. Dese boko haram pple r nt nigerianz fa, dey r foreignerz with d aim of destroyin nigeria, datz y dey want to destroy universities. All dese happen bcuz every tom nd jack, nd harry iz allowz to come nd go out of nigeria without apprehension.

    We dnt av immigration officers

  5. what we need in this country is God intervention nigerian should arise up and call upon God.its only God that can erase this lslamic sect called Boko Haram Jesus will arrest them

  6. Dis so called BokoHaram in d name of dr Allah ve commitd so many atrocities aganist our country Nigeria nd nw dis school bombñ stuf, dy re jst blinded uncivilsd set of people. Makes me wonda if dr Allah is a violent one nd weda He’s hapi wit wht is happenñ nw 2 dat boy dat says he wnts Unilag 2 b bombed cos of his stupid gud 4 ntn result i thnk he’s mind is as condemed as dis terrorist group nd vry soon he’l gt d repercussion of wht he used his filty mouth 2 say

  7. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The bone has been thrown to the dog, let it fight the spirits. It is now for the security system to choose but not without the help of GOD ALMIGHTY!

  8. We should all pray to Allah for forgivness and second for his assistance, so with and with help of our present government in conjuction with our past government, both within and outside Nigeria, with help of this there may be a solution to the problem.

  9. With the way things are going in nigeria, there no time the three major ethnic group won’t seperate. How will some devilish people just rise and call themselves Boko Haram. All these hausa people ought to be eradicated from Nigeria.

  10. why are people so wicked? why are they heartless? boko haram, do you know that every bomb you detonate on inocent lives affects even your own families… your sister, brother, father, mother and even you fellow islamic worshippers is always amongs the dead and injured. so who are you fooling? is it me, or nigerians or even yourselves? pls stop this will not put money in your pockets and neither will it put food on your table. i have muslims in my office, and they are great people. you cannot win souls by fighting rather you will even make them hate you the more. you can only win souls by living by example. if there is anything you want.. pls come out and make it open so that it will be solved. BUT BE REST ASSURED THAT NIGERIA CANNOT BE AN ISLAMIC STATE. YOUR FOREFATHERS TRIED AND THEY FAILED AND IT CANNOT SUCCEED IN YOUR OWN TIME. NIGERIA IS A BLESSED COUNTRY, RICH IN CULTURE, RICH IN HUMAN RESOURCES, LOTS OF INTELLIGENT PEOPLE THAT CAN EVEN BE BETTER THAN THE AMERICANS THAT YOU THINK ARE YOUR ENEMIES.

  11. Nigeria is only facing al dis calamity becoz of our carelessnes, greed nd sellfishnez. U cnt imagin d top nigerians capable of providin job opportunities 4 many potential graduates out there, but ar rada leavin d office blank, waitin 4 dia children who ar yet 2 finish secondary sch. It is said dat an idle man is a devils wrkshop. Being idle does nthing oda dan corruptin d minds of individuals to do evils. Securities in nigeria universities ar only wastin tym searchin vehiles coz dey wil neva see anytin. A bomb can be as tiny as groundnut seed so why deceive urselve carin guns nd bulet proof. And as 4 western educatn… It can neva be eradicatd come rain come sun. NIGERIA SHLD CAL ON BOTH RELIGIOUS ND POLITICAL LEADERS ND SORT THEMSELVES THEN PEACE CAN REIGN.


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