Robbers Attack First Bank In Osun State

Early this morning, the First Bank branch in  Isokun area, Ilesa, Osun got robbed by armed robbers who were equipped with guns and grenades. The robbery lasted for about 45 minutes, during the first few minutes the bank was cannonaded by bullets and explosion blasts from the grenades of the robbers.

The robbery occurred at about 9:45am, eyewitness testimonies claim that the armed robbers were young people who spoke good English and that they shot a pregnant lady during the raid. The robbers were said to have escaped in a white bus and some motorcycles after carting away money from the bank in ghana-must-gos. The riot Police arrived few minutes after the robbers had already escaped and were met by indignation from residents who attacked them. A policeman was wounded and taken hostage by the residents until reinforcements came to rescue him. The police later engaged commercial motorcyclists in a free for all during which residents were said to have sustained injuries.

The bank that was robbed however said the money in the bank’s vault was insured.



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