Boko Haram Attack Policeman’s Home, Kill Three Policemen And A Civilian

Reports suggest that the infamous Boko Haram sect has struck again. In an attack on a policeman’s home, members of the Islamic sect were said to have shot dead three policemen and a civilian after breaking into the house of one of the officers in the northeastern town of Maiduguri on Friday, police said.

This is the first attack on a policeman’s house so far, as the Boko Haram are known to attack Police facilities and top Government officials.

The state police commissioner, Simeon Midenda said “The Boko Haram members burst into the residence of one of the policemen when three of them and the civilian were watching television and opened fire, killing all of them instantly,”

“The sect members have been watching our success at foiling all their efforts so they have changed tactics and have resorted to attacking our personnel at their residences.”

The police on Friday arrested a shop owner who sold chemicals to people suspected of involvement in Monday’s failed car bomb attack on the police headquarters in Maiduguri and the police commissioner of Yobe said one of his patrols arrested eight members of Boko Haram behind a bomb attack last week and transferred them to police headquarters in Abuja.


  1. The cause of this boko haram change of tatics as metioned is because the police are disclosing there tactics of curbing the boko haram, where as, it’s suppose to be a confidential plan and not to be broadcast…so pls do some thing about it.


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