Strike Still Brewing – FG, Nlc Meeting Ends In Deadlock

Meeting after meeting between the Government and Nlc has ended up either in deadlock or with the Government making insincere promises and the meeting on Saturday was no different. What however seems to have changed is the Federal Government’s position as the Government is now saying it can only implement the increase for levels 1 – 3 as against the previous proposed increase for levels 1 – 6 which the Nlc had refused anyway.

The labour leaders said, “The labour team is asking the FG to rethink its position and make a concrete offer.” and that the FG’s position on the implementation of the bill is unacceptable.


  1. The FG has to pay workers the new memunm wage since the President Jonathan has maid mention of it before the General Elections, so l don‘t see any reason that they can give to the labor now than to pay that money. If FG can provied that ten #10.billion for the elections witding that sort period of time, they have to surece for the money to pay workers now.


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