Conflagration In Enugu: 10 dead, 70 houses burnt

A nasty conflagration is said to have killed about 10 people on Thursday morning. The fire destroyed the Warders Barracks on Kingsway Road in the Government Reservation Area of Enugu, Enugu State. The fire started at around 6am when a tanker driver tried to negotiate a bend at top speed, the tanker fell and immediately burst into flames.” It spread to the adjoining police station barracks, incinerated about 70 houses, shops and garages and burnt several cars.

The tanker which erupted into flames had been carrying diesel, several victims got caught in the fires while trying to escape their houses. Many eyewitnesses said that although the firefighter responded quickly, when they arrived they did not have any water. This report was corroborated by the state Commandant of the Nigerian Civil Defence and Security Corps, Mr. Sikiru Rami.

The NSCDC boss blames the extent of damage to the proximity of shops to the road. He said “We have been sensitising people to how they build their shops at the roundabout of Prison Barracks, its neighbourhoods and Enugu State in general. We have told them that they should not build close to the road.”


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