Boko Haram: MEND accuses FG of double standards

THE Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta said on Thursday that it had begun the training of new fighters in its various camps with a view to resuming hostilities in the country.

MEND said in a statement signed by its spokesman, Jomo Gbomo, that results of the impending hostilities would be felt nationally and internationally. The militant group expressed dissatisfaction with a statement allegedly credited to the spokesperson of the State Security Service, Mrs. Marilyn Ogar, that some Boko Haram members arrested in connection with the bombing of the police headquarters in Abuja would not be prosecuted.

The statement read, “The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta is preparing very hard for the resumption of hostilities with the training of new fighters joining our various camps and promises that the results will be felt both nationally and internationally, very soon.

“MEND views with scorn the recent statement by the security services spokeswoman Mrs Marilyn Ogar, that the over 100 Boko Haram members recently arrested in connection with the police headquarters bombing in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja will not be prosecuted but will be resolved politically. “This is a blatant disregard to all Christians in Nigeria killed with impunity and also an insult to all Niger Deltans as the government is displaying double standards as regards the Niger Delta indigenes falsely and unlawfully arrested over the October 1st bomb blast carried out by our field operatives.” MEND, however, observed that the Federal Government had refused to address the injustice in the oil rich region, adding that the government preferred to deceive the world that the Niger Delta problem had been resolved by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Meanwhile, the Joint Military Task Force in the Niger Delta says it will study the recent threat by MEND. The spokesman of the JTF, Lt. Col. Timothy Antigha, made this known on Thursday in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria from Yenagoa, Bayelsa. “For now, we have nothing to say. I will not react to their statement for now. Just take it that way,” he said.


In just one regime: Kerosene scarcity, NYSC members getting killed, bombs everywhere thanks to Boko Haram and now Mend, “inspired’ by Boko Haram is threatening to resume its terrorists activities. God help Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan had better sit up.


  1. My opinion is thmat if this country is no more one let dem free us and give us what ware fighting for. Biafra republic. May devil tunder those people call thdmself boko haram. They are not even stronger than niger delta..,millitant or our men called bakassi. I am frm enugu state. Pls foolish nigerian give us our frèedom

  2. Plz dear? Help me and publish this tomorrow morning on news paper that We are not one nation lies i am a son biafra republic born in enugu state. The worst is that our new president jonathan is unmillitary man , he has no power to called forgn president to assist him for divission of this foolish country. Just look at suddan.mail me @ [email protected] or call 0818742760. Snake my another nick name. All is åbout boko haram


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