45 “Area Boys” Arrested In Oshodi, Lagos

It seems the reign of street urchins in Lagos, popularly dubbed “Area boys”, may soon be at end. News has it that at least 45 area boys were arrested on Thursday by armed policemen who stormed Oshodi unannounced, this follows the arrest and arraignment of about 119 area boys in Oshodi three weeks ago.

According to Sulaiman, those arrested would be charged to court and if found guilty, they would be punished according to the laws of the state.

He stated that Lagos did not want area boys again and that those who want to continue in the act should leave Lagos as the taskforce would make their stay in the state unbearable, saying that the police could swoop on them unexpectedly.

Commercial bus drivers and motorcycles riders are very likely  to welcome this development with joy and huge sighs of relief because the so called area boys have been torments to them for years as they often extort money from the commercial motorists and disrupt their business for no just cause.


  1. The idea is very good but my opinion is that let the goverment have a better jobs for the youths. chasing them away will not solve the problem or make them to be a good citizen, youths needs job employment if it is not so lagos will become more corrupt and more dangerous

  2. Hi,
    100 gbosa for the governor and government of Lagos State for the job well done, in fact its a very great development these hoodlums called AREA BOYS are the biggest problem that remain to eradicate completely.
    Please they are too disturbing.
    Again, i will plead that State govt should try and provide work for them for those that ready to do the work because most of them can not work except that AREA BOYS work. EKO ONI BAJE OOOO


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