NYSC Batch B 2011 Timetable

This is the NYSC Batch B 2011 timetable.
2011 Batch ‘B’ Orientation is : 5th – 26th July, 2011


NYSC Batch B 2011 Pre-Mobilization Workshop/Meeting 12th April, 2011
Registration of NYSC Batch B 2011Foreign-Trained Nigerian Graduates 1th April -14th June,2011
Submission of NYSC Batch B 2011Master lists 22nd April- 3rd May,2011
Action on NYSC Batch B 2011Master lists by Mobilization Officers – Vetting etc. 22nd April- 3rd May,2011
Action by the Computer Centre, Coding etc. 22nd April- 6th May,2011 1
Delievery of NYSC Batch B 2011Preliminary Print-outs 9th-11th May,2011
Return of corrected NYSC Batch B 2011Print-outs by Institutions to NYSC NDHQ 16th – 17th May, 2011
Action by Computer: Coding,Corrections etc 16th – 20th May, 2011
Briefing of Corps Producing Institutions 6th-9th June , 2011
Sorting and Packaging of Call-up letters 22nd – 25th June, 2011
Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions 27th-29th June,2011
2011 BATCH ‘B’ Orientation 5th -26th July,, 2011


  1. Posting of corp members to the North should be scrapped or the program should be scrapped. One of the two should be considered.

  2. The NASS should urgently consider regionalising d posting of corp members to their own region, i don’t suggest d scrapping, Let d system b modified!

  3. Life is precious, love ones & relatives cares & desire the best, this should not be cut-off in just one year National service. Please corppers should be highly protected, they are the light of the future.

    NYSC programme has outlived its’ purpose already, gone are the days when you spotted a youth corp member on the street and you accorded him respect.Most corp members go to service for sexual pleasure being very much aware of the fact that they would be posted to places and fields where they will not function.
    Parents are suffering these days unlike when Youth Service was worth it and you could afford to send stipends home.Nowadays after sponsoring their wards higher education, they also fund their NYSC education if I am permitted to use that and get engaged in prayers that their wards do not get killed.
    I would advice that you SCRAP it ,since you cannot manage the PROGRAMME WELL. God Bless Nigeria.

  5. i suggest that youth service should be done base on individual state.this due to the fact that our love ones,friends, relatives have been cut short YEARLY in NAME of serving our fathers land especially the election conducted last month,the NORTHERNS killed the innocent souls just like that…so i perfer it should be done base on individual state. Thanks.

  6. I think the only way to solve the problem on Youth Service is one simple thing… To respect ourselves at the ground level. We should leave sentiments out of making our decisions, especially concerning issues as politics, religion, social interactions and so forth. We should understand that we humans are created to be different. There’s no way we can erase those differences between us. We have to tolerate one another to enjoy life to its fullest. The idea of scrapping NYSC is wrong. We have to consider the sacrifice we make to our nation. It’s important. But we just have to ignore trends and do it for the purpose it was initiated with. God Bless Nigeria.

  7. Scraping of Nysc scheme is not d way out,rather a failure on d part of nigeria and as a result lose part of our international virtules.d lasting solutn 2 problem on ground is dat every corps member should serve in their respective states and let d vampires suck their ward’s blood.

  8. Scraping of Nysc scheme is not d way out,rather a failure on d part of nigeria and as a result lose part of our international virtules.d lasting solutn 2 problem on ground is dat every corps member should serve in their respective state and let d vampires suck their ward’s blood.

  9. I believe the purpose for which the NYSC programme was established has been lost many years ago. the prog has only become a necessary ritual for people who have over the years grown so fat with amounts they have embezzled.the lives of corp members which parents have struggled to see through school are being threatened and futures are being destroyed.the sentiment of the election violence should be stopped bcos prior to the elections have we had violence in Jos for example.if this program is not scrapped, then it should be reviewed as to its aims, and corpers should serve in their respective geo-regions

  10. nysc programme should be reviewed. I’m a progressive fellow that believe in unity. Therefore to bring unity among nigerians the programme should be reviewed because no parent will be happy on how innocent children are being killed in the northern part of nigeria. If possible the northerners should be left out of this programme so that they can realise thier vicious damage to nigeria as a whole. The programme should not be scrapped.it should be reviewed.some huuman beings are covered by human flesh but innerly they are beasts. Maximum security should be provided for these children. From mike a.a.u.a.

  11. scrappin d nysc scheme will not solve d problem,note that anytime there is crisis in the north,d targets are always non hausas(corper or no corper).bt 4 nw,non hausa corper shld nt be postd to d north.

  12. with this act of killing NYSC members, i think the northerners{core} do not believe in national unity, the purpose for which NYSC scheme was created. In this regard, i suggest that, northern core members serve in the north while the remaining unified nigerians serve interchangeably. This i know, will reduce the killing of our future leaders, and on the other hand promotes unity 4 those who believe in unity.

  13. the issue of scraping the program have not arise what should be done is that those responsible for killing of our brothers and sisters be call to book and deal with bcos those responsible can be trace if we are sincere in the investigation

  14. Northerners should be left out of d programme 4 now since they av no good things to offer 4 now other than massive killing of nigerian’s glory and future.otherwise,d programme shld be reviewed.God bless nigeria

  15. the #18,000 minimum wage has become a law and civil servant are celebrating yet nothing is said about the corpers, where is there faith now? having known that there is increase in price of goods and corpers go to the same market with this workers, government should consider that pls

  16. i think it will be better if corpers partake on the new minimum wage. They should not play prags towards the game taking the pains involved


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