Utomi Quits Presidential Race

The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Mega Party, Prof. Pat Utomi, on Wednesday withdrew from the race over the inability of position parties to adopt a single contestant.

Utomi, who confirmed his decision to THE PUNCH on the telephone, said, “Yes, I’ve withdrawn. I withdrew today.”

His decision came as a shock to Nigerians, especially as he had on Tuesday participated in the debate organised by the Nigeria Election Debate Group in Abuja alongside three other candidates.


  1. Why did he join the race in the first place? Why didin’t he join a party that is stable and united ? He messed up real good, he would have given the powers that be a run for their money. All the same, he can still serve Nigeria in other capacities…, let he set up a foundation or something till when fortune smiles on him to be president. I really wished he had not withdrawn… he is a great assest…

  2. well Prof. it is a pitiable dismal dis-ma that you decided to chicken out almost at the apex of election, i don’t give a damn about what made you to withdraw you hurt me cos i was going to mobilize and vote for you after listening to you at the Debate i was convinced you are the MAN we need to reform this Nation economically but wow you just withdrew hmmmm.

  3. pls tel dat shit head frnd of urs minster of education d education in nigeria sucks.dey come out nd say only 20% passed hu did dat.u want 2 tell all kids in nigeria r dumb heads yet when we go outside nigeria we do beta.dey ve bin selln results dey sold mine cos obviously dat result is nt mine am nt a dumb head!!their kids dont skool here in nigeria.dey r d ones organising d malpractice.its high time if any of ur kids wont skool here in nigeria in a public school 4 dat matter u should give up wateva post u r holdn.re-brand nigeria my foot dis is hw u do it 80% failed.fuck all of u i hate NIGERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pat utomi may have hurt the majority of his fans by withdrawing but I know well enough that the Nigerian political environment is a dungeon for the devils and it baffles me what a refined man like him though wen he first opted to go there. Too bad technocrats like him may take long to lead 9ja.


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