Nigerian Scholarships: 2011/2012 Bilateral Educational Agreement Scholarships Application

The 2011/2012 Bilateral Educational Agreement Scholarship application forms for nomination to Non English speaking countries ( Russia, China, Cuba, Morocco, Algeria, Romania, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, Czech Republic, e.t.c) are now available on registeration and login to this site.

All qualified candidates are advised to:

a. Register by creating a user name and password for login to this site.

b. Login and Complete the (BEA) Application Form c. Download and complete the PDF version of the application form as well d. Submit the online form and the completed (PDF) application forms at the venue of the interview on the date scheduled for each applicant’s state.


a. Postgraduate level (Master degree and Ph. D) in all fields

b. Undergraduate level- Medicine, Engineering, Geology, Building Engr, Agriculture, Sciences, Mathematics, Languages, Enironmental Sciences, Sports, Law, Political Science etc


A. POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP: All applicants should hold a Masters Degree or First Degree with at least 2nd Class Upper. The applicants who are previous recipients of Foreign awards must have completed at least two years post qualification or employment practices in Nigeria. A knowledge of the Foreign language of the donor country is desired particularly for those applying for Russian Award. All applicants must have completed N.Y.S.C. Age limit is 35years.

B. UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP: All applicants for undergraduate degree courses must possess a minimum qualification of Five (5) As and Bs in the senior secoundary school certificate (WAEC or NECO) All candidates must have As and Bs in the subjects relevant to their field of studies including English Language and Mathematics. Knowledge of Foreign language will be an added advantage. The age of certificate should not be more than Three (3) years (2008 – 2011).

VENUE OF INTERVIEW: All eligible applicants are to report for the interview at the venues nearest to them (Click to view interview venues).

Two sets of completed application forms should be submitted at the various interview centres. With the folowing attachments;

1. Two authenticated photocopies of educational certificates (Original certificates should be presented at the interview venues for sighting)
2. Only one certificate will be accepted ie WAEC or NECO for May/June, June /July, Oct/ Nov or Nov/ Dec . No combination of scores from more than one examination result..
3. Statement of results must be authenticated by WAEC or NECO
4. Two copies of Birth certificate/ statutory declaration of age dully signed , stamped and dated.
5. Sate of origin certificate dully signed, stamped and dated.
6. Twelve passport sized colour photographs with white background
7. Medical certificate of fitness, HIV/AIDS, Anti Rabbis and Hipatitis B free certificates obtained from Teaching Hospital/National Hospital, Abuja.
8. Academic transcripts and NYSC certificates will be required from postgraduate applicants. ix. Police Clearance Certificate


  1. This is really a very good happening in Nigeria.It delights me alot and ancours my hope high with the believe that the dream of rebranding Nigeria will be a reality.KUDOS NIGERIA,KUDOS INFO NIGERIA THE BEST SOURCE OF INFO,KUDOS TO ALL CITIZENS OF NIGERIA.Nigeria must be a better place.

  2. It is loudable gesture. My only concern is fairness and sustainability of it. The people who designed the advert should realise that results are not the yardsticks for measuring competence they might required. We all know that good results now, are for money-students not for those who actually merit it. Many lecturers are more corrupted than government,they have killed this great country, because education is the key to good and successful governance. With this, many competent intending applicants would be deprived of this opportunity. I therefore urge government to shun that emphasis on ‘distinction and upper results’, because it encourages lecturers and students to perpetrate deed that will yield nothing but destruction in future.

  3. I love this site. God bless the admistrators of this site as you keep informing the future Nigerians. Your children shal never be deformed. Thanks.

  4. well done to FSB,for this opportunity given to Nigerian youths.
    please try and ensure that this opportunity is given to the less privileged,
    in terms of affording education.not to some big guys children that has all it takes to go to any school of their choice within, and outside Nigeria.
    Don’t be in a rush to close the application process,cos a lot of persons will have some difficulties in applying Once again i Salute FSB of NG.


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