Presidential Elections Set For 9th April 2011

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) yesterday released the time table for the 2011 elections with the presidential election scheduled to hold on 9th April, 2011.
The National Assembly election is to hold on the 2nd of April while the gubernatorial elections and the State Houses of Assembly will take place on the 16th of April.
The provisional time table was immediately hailed as a political advantage for President Goodluck Jonathan who is canvassing for his party’s presidential ticket in the election.
The order of elections gives him the advantage of assuring the loyalty of governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who would be expected to play a key role in helping him win the election if he emerges the presidential candidate of the PDP.
In a brief ceremony at the commission’s headquarters last night, the national chairman of the commission, Professor Attahiru Jega explained that the release of the time table was in conformity with the provisions of the Electoral Act.
Other details of the schedule of activities for the run up to the election are as follows:
(i) Issuance of notice of election: 23rd November, 2010 (in accordance with section 30 (1) of electoral act 2010).
(ii) Conduct of party primaries by Political Parties: 26th November, 2010 to January 27th, 2011.
(iii) Campaign by political parties in Public (section 99(1) of the Electoral Act 2010. 1st December 2010.
(iv) Collection of Forms CF001 (affidavit and Personal particulars of candidates) and Forms CF002 (list of Candidates for all elections) 15th to 22nd December, 2010
(v) Registration of Voters 15 -29th January, 2011.
(vi) Display of voters for claims and Objections: 3rd -8th February.
(vii) Last t day for submission of forms CF001 and CF002 31st January, 2011.
(viii) Publication of Personal Particulars of Candidates: (Cf001 in accordance with section 31 (3) of Electoral Act 2010: 6th February, 2011.
(ix) Last day of Collection of nomination forms 7th -10th February 2011.
(x) Last day for withdrawal by candidates/substitution of Withdrawn candidates by political parties: National Assembly 14th February, 2011; Presidential Election 21st February, 2010 and Governorship/State Assemblies28th February, 2010.
(xi) Publication of Personal particulars of substituted candidate 21st February, 2011.
(xii) Las t day for the submission of nomination forms by political parties: 21st February, 2011.
(xiii) Publication of official register of voters for the election2nd to 16th March 2011.
(xiv) Publication of list of nominated candidates for elections: National Assembly 2nd -16th of March, 2011.
(xv) Publication of notice of Elections 18th march, 2011.
(xvi) Submission of names of party agents to State Resident Electoral \commissioners: 25th March, 2011.
(xvii) Last Day of day and time for campaigns: National Assembly: 1st april, 2011, Presidential Elections, 8th April, 2011; Governorship and state assemblies 15th April, 2011.
(xviii) Date of of election: National Assembly2nd April, 2011; Presidential Elections 9th April, 2011 and Governorship and State Assembly Elections 16th April, 2011
Source: Vanguard Newspapers –


  1. dis PDP has good candidate but d leader of d part is d problem. Ng is rulling by PDP part chairman, OBASANJO should leave dis people nd let dem do there jod.

  2. I strongly believe that Nigeria will be good again, no matter what, when and where things went wrong/bad.. Nigeria is destined for greatness!

  3. goodluck ebele jonathan should win the presidencial election hold on 2011 and no one else, he should not dissapoint nigeria, and himself

  4. We, Nigerians, the task ahead is the 2011 election. well, we should all pray for the peaceful running of the election and God should give us a leader that fear him.So that the vision we say we have can be actualize. God bless Nigeria.

  5. All Nigerians should be wise in casting their votes during d 2011 election. Pls vote for men & women of integrity & honesty. Ng must change after d election , by d grace of ALMIGHTY GOD.

  6. We should pray for free and fair 2011 election.Nigeria will a be the giant of Africa if only electorates should allow to exercises their right.

  7. I believe in Goodluck 4 a better 2morrow,we’re tired of having badlucks in form of leaders. ‘We go vote 4 Goodluck Jonathan,the right man we need,2 make us succeed.. He’s got it all…

  8. We pray 4 free and fair elections in this country. We need God-fearing leaders. People who re nt just leaders by charisma but by virtue of their character. Leaders who make d interest of d masses first priority. We’re looking 4ward 2 having a nation where transparency zero tolerance 2 corruption at all levels become a pragmatic anthem. Leaders that wil tak nation security, education, health n power as clarion call.

  9. I pray for a free n fair election. Who ever wins should remember that there are alot of poor masses out there suffering n people like us find it diffult to go to school bcos of the lack of fund. God help nigeria. Amen

  10. hel Nigeria concering who is going to be our next president 4 my own i will advise Nigerian to elect Ribadu bcos PDP has been doing it 4 d past 12solid years whereas no change may if Ribadu do it there willa change


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