Happy Independence Day Nigeria, MEND Strikes in Multiple Bomb Blasts

Happy Independence Day Nigeria, MEND Strikes in Multiple Bomb Blasts.
Nigeria is 50, As Nigerians all over the country are celebrating our golden anniversary, our nations capital has been rocked with bomb blasts from car bombs placed by the militant (terrorist) group MEND.
So far 10 people have been confirmed dead and many more injured.
MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) had earlier stated that there was nothing to celebrate and had threatened to target the independence celebrations, they accomplished this by placing car bombs near Eagle Square, the venue for the celebrations


  1. Hello! As Nigeria marks her golden anniversary today, I wish my fellow Nigerians Happy Independence day.
    The Issue of MEND Bomb, it is to shows that yet, there is a lot of challenges to face. Please every body, let’s all hands be on desk to move Nigeria forward. There is yet good things to come. we’ve past the level of Ethnic and religions conflicts. I am not in support of this MEND Bomb. Nigeria! Good People Good Nation. Happy Independence day once again.
    From Anambra State.

  2. Hello fellow nigerians,we should stop ethnic conflict,but if really the MEND’S are responsible for the Bomb Blast then they would have reasons for doing it.Cause if really Nigeria is 50 then there should be power sector Reform(N.E.P.A)nice.From Rivers State

  3. Its an act of terror!
    Howeva, dia’s nutin 2 celebrate in Nig. Celebratin will give those thieves,murders,ambition/future killers in Abuja callin demselves leaders d rite 2 do more.

  4. Hw can a comment lk dis come 4rm a Nigerian. Hw can u say dat Nigeria sucks. That’s a very bad comment, bro-‘m sorry 2 say. If u feel dat my country sucks, den u should go ahead & de-nationalise urself. U rily nid 2 retract ur comment. D least we can do is 2 KIP ON praying 4 dat leader- leader wit a good head over his shoulder & stop givin such comments as Ahmad’s. God bless Nigeria.

  5. Quiet unfortunate that a citizen can ever think of interrupting our day of Jubilee when God declares us free from slavery. it’s still fresh in my memory and now I believe that the brain behind militancy is not far fetched from unbalance illogical psyche. My unreserved condolence to the affected families and immense plead to the culprits of this heartless sight to desist.

  6. It’s a pity that this Niger-Delta Issue still lingers after all that has been done to appease them.So they have such sophisticated weapons why not go and rescue Abba-Abia state.I believe it’s the same people that mastermind these acts.May God help us all…Amen


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