Damilola Agbajor Crowned as Miss Nigeria 2010

It has been 6 years since the last Miss Nigeria was crowned. In 2004, Ene Maya Lawayi was the pageant winner and now there is a new queen. On Saturday, 25th September 2010, a new queen was crowned. 19 Year Old Damilola Agbajor representing Delta State was chosen as Miss Nigeria 2010.

The pageant was revitalized with a new format for this year’s competition. The Miss Nigeria team travelled all around the country and to several major cities around the world to scout for the contestants. After the prospective contestants were narrowed down to 36 ladies, the ladies participated in a reality show which aired on Nigerian TV and on HiTV channels internationally. During the reality show, viewers had the opportunity to see the girls complete various tasks and get groomed for the finale. Eventually, via viewer votes and the judges’ decisions, the list of 36 was cut down to 20. It was these 20 ladies that took the stage at the Miss Nigeria 2010 finale which took place at the ThisDay Dome in Abuja.

The finale was hosted by designer Ohimai Atafo of MAI and former Miss World Agbani Darego. Mai looked handsome in a suit by his label while Agbani was stunning in a dress by Bridget Awosika. It was a world class event with performances by Omolara, Naeto C, Bez and Banky W. There were three major segments; Dance, Traditional and Couture. For the couture segment, the contestants wore dresses specially designed by MOMO for the competition.

Eventually the final 3 were announced: 19 Year Old Damilola Agbajor – Miss Delta, 24 Year Old Erica Okuneye – Miss Lagos and Miss Cross River – 25 Year Old Obori Edenkwo.

Damilola was crowned by the MD of the Miss Nigeria Organization – Adenike Oshinowo-Soleye. According to the Miss Nigeria Organization, “Miss Nigeria will be the ideal ‘Queen Ambassador’ for the Nation, essentially promoting the intrinsic worth of the Nation, hence our theme: One Nation, One people, One Queen”.
The Miss Nigeria winner’s prizes include:

Full Scholarship to be educated in an Institution of Higher Learning, anywhere in the world
Luxury Car
One year’s salary package of N3million naira
One year’s accommodation in Lagos Nigeria
Wardrobe for a year, from Nigerian designers
Congrats to Damilola.
Source: Bellanaija.com


  1. d wrong girl got d crown which was supposed to be 4 miss cross river . if IQ and other criteria were to be justly applied miss cross river d more intelligent girl wit better attributes should have been d queen. did u notice dat d crown even fell off d queen’s head in protest?. dis is simply unfair. am dissapointed.

  2. Miss Cross River would have gotten it that’s why the crown fell off her head even though i did not watch it. But for the crown to fall off her head it means she does not worth it. But all the same congratulations to her.

  3. i witnessed the show life and from where i was sitting the judges were not even recording anything the pageant was a farce. i believe they already knew their winner even before the finals. don't you see that she didn't even look remotely surprised when they said her name as the winner and when they crowned her, the crown actually fell twice. i am really disappointed and in my opinion they should do it again this time with all 36 contestants but with different organizers or better still, it should be cancelled. we need honesty in nigeria

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  4. the choose who they fill won the crown,even dough i never had the opportunity to watch the show but am very sure their are better contestants than her,except if its based on interlectual then ill say she deserves it but she really isnt the agbani darego whom actually deserve the crown.i believe my dere freind above john NIGERIA we need to change our ways.


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