Yar’Adua summons Elechi over alleged Jihad plot

GOVERNOR Martin Elechi’s directive to Moslems and Christians in Ebonyi State to reduce the noise from their public address systems during devotions, is generating controversies, as both President Umaru Yar’Adua and the Sultan of Sokoto, have intervened in the matter.

It had been reported that they had summoned Governor Elechi on the rumour of a possible Jihad in the state.

Receiving the report of the State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board led by Alhaji Suleiman Ogah, yesterday, Governor Elechi confirmed that he was summoned by President Yar’Adua on the issue of Moslem crisis in the state, adding, however, that he reported the issue during a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting.

One Shiek Haruma Ajah from Ebonyi State, had allegedly on September 18, this year, circulated text massages to Islamic leaders in the North and across the country, describing Governor Elechi as a “Devil” and subsequently asked that a Jihad be declared against him, which created tension and panic within and outside the state.

Alhaji Ogah, who led a delegation of Islamic leaders in the state, while submitting its report of a nationwide sensitisation tour on the issue, said that Governor Elechi was misrepresented by Sheik Ajah as banning Muslims in the state from the use of loudspeaker for their early morning prayers.

Alhaji Ogah said “Sheik Haruna Ajah has political problem in the state, which he taught he could solve by creating religious problem across the country.

This is evident by the six page petition he wrote to the Sultan of Sokoto. He is desperately looking for political appointment without due process, rather he prefers to engage in political sentiment and propaganda”.
source: vanguardngr.com


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