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Several projects worth $1,000,000.00 (One Million US Dollar) executed at the University of Ibadan by Zain Nigeria, the leading mobile operator, has been commissioned. These projects include Solar Energy Centre, renovation of Mellanby Hall, construction of a Basketball Court in the hall, construction of car parks as well as convenience and offices.

Speaking during the commissioning ceremony of the projects, the Chairman of Zain Nigeria, Mr. Gamaliel Onosode said that Zain Nigeria “most graciously donated $1,000,000.00 for improving infrastructure in the nation’s oldest university as part of its corporate social responsibility programme.

He said he was humbled by the fact that the donation was made to the university on the 50th anniversary of his graduation from the institution.

“Let me specially thank the management of Zain Nigeria for not only making me proud but for following the good example of better corporate citizens, by giving a lifeline to the University of Ibadan. This lifeline has today translated into these remarkable projects which we are celebrating” Onosode said.

The solar energy centre or solar module hub houses a series of photovoltaic panels which are capable of transforming solar radiation directly into electricity. The centre is capable of generating about 4.8 kilowatt-hour of electricity which will supply power, the lighting system in a section of the campus including the university gate and Oduduwa Road.

The gymnasium, which is located at the university’s Sports Centre, is equipped with a vast array of modern exercise and fitness equipment including treadmill, free weight, trampohness, weight benches, walker, and electronic exercise bikes amongst other equipment.

Also, the fitness facility houses evaluation room where exercise pre-test such as resting and ECG are conducted on those who intend to use the centre, particularly, the elderly, to determine their fitness level/ state of health and the type of exercise their body and heart condition can cope with before they are allowed to use the equipment.

Conducting the team round the facilities, the institution’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Olufemi Bamiro explained that the car parks are expected to help the university check indiscriminate parking of vehicles on the roadside as well as eliminate congestion especially at the main gate area of the university.

The Vice Chancellor commended Zain and Onosode for the donations, explaining that the donation by the mobile company could not have come at a more crucial time, adding that the university’s income has been on a downward drift over the years amidst mounting need for fund to revamp and expand dilapidated and overstretched facilities.

He added that the traditional sources of income for the institution such as funding from government and students’ fees have become grossly inadequate, necessitating the need to turn attention to donation by private organisations like Zain and well-meaning individuals. Professor Bamiro said further that the donation made by Zain is indicative of the mobile operator’s unwavering commitment to corporate social investment in Nigeria and to making a difference in the lives of Nigerians.

He praised the efforts and dedication of Onosode to the development of the institution, saying the Chairman of Zain Nigeria had made personal donations to the university in the past. Speaking on the criteria for the selection of the projects, he explained that consideration was given to those that will have maximum impact on the university community and on items the chairman has particularly shown interest on through personal donations such as the enhancement of the entrance to the university including Oduduwa Road.

On the choice of Mellanby Hall for renovation work, he said the Chairman lived in the hall about 50 years ago and he has made private donations to the Hall in the past.

The Vice Chancellor also commended Stock Brokers Nigeria Limited for donating about N18.3 million for the construction of recreational park behind the Central Administration building, explaining that the contribution was made possible because of its relationship with Onosode.

Speaking in the same vein, the Registrar of the university, Mrs Omotayo Ikotun, said the donation made by Zain will enhance the ability of the institution to play its assigned role in the society. She lauded Zain for standing by the university, urging other corporate organisations to borrow a leaf from Zain by coming to the aid of the institution.

The commissioning ceremony was attended principal officers of the university including the Vice Chancellor (Academics), Professor Adigun A.B. Agbaje; Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration, Professor Elijah Bamgboye ; Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Faleye; Bursar, Alhaji Bankole and several others as well as the key officers of Mellanby Hall and representatives of the Students’ Union caretaker government. Apart from these officials of the university, the Chief Executive Officer of Zain Africa, Chris Gabriel; Chief Operating Officer of Zain Nigeria, Khaled Khorshid and Mrs Onosode were also present at the commissioning ceremony.


No Agreement Yet To Suspend Strike ― ASUU



No Agreement Yet To Suspend Strike ― ASUU


The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has denied reports suggesting that it agreed to call off the ongoing strike after meeting with the Federal Government negotiation team led by the Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige on Friday, November 27.

Recall that the union and the Federal Government had reached an agreement to call off the ongoing ASUU strike after the government reportedly increased its offer for Earned Allowances and funding for the revitalization of public universities to N70 billion.

Reacting to the report, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, ASUU President has denied knowledge of any agreement to call off the strike.

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He stressed that at the meeting, it was only agreed that the union should convey the Government message to their organs and get back to Government.

The ASUU President told reporters on Saturday morning: ” I am not aware of that. All I know is that we had a meeting and we are going to report to our members. But I don’t know about suspension of the strike.”

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ASUU Agrees To Call Off Strike As FG Increases Payment To N70b




The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on Friday agreed to call off their eight-month-old strike.

The decision was reached during a meeting in Abuja between the union and the federal government delegation led by the Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige.

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Based on agreements between the two parties, the government also promised to increase the total payment to the union to N70 billion.

The government stated that it would pay N40 billion as the Earned Allowance and N30bn for the revitalization of the university system to bring the total to N70 billion.

The FG further agreed to settle the arrears of salaries of the lecturers before December 4.

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Online examinations and their security with navigation control



Since our movement into the online examination ecosystem, test takers go on to showcase exceptional levels of creativity when it comes to the question on how to crack an exam. In fact there has to be a visible transformation on how candidates plan to pass the exams with flying colours. In the midst of this the candidates end up resorting to some common ways where they end up cheating during an exam

  • Impersonation- Once you use an impersonator or a proxy opting for online exams is a common type of cheating. Students are bound to leverage with the inability of the invigilator to figure out the real exam test takers.
  • External help – you might end up seeking help from friends or relatives who might be sitting beside the monitor. Holding placards with answers is another way where you can cheat during an exam
  • Employment of digital device- smartphones, Bluetooth devices are some of the common ways by which you can cheat during the course of an online exam. They are put to use in order to surf on the web or when you receive information.

Such assertions do not indicate acts of dishonesty in any manner. A proctored exam is going to be of immense help during the course of an exam. A common perception exists that cheating in an online exam is a lot easier than a traditional exam. In a way students employ tactics so they have to succeed academically without the need to be working hard.

But with the use of technology the exams are bound to become cheat free. The question that come to the fore is how honest is the person who is appearing for an exam than merely answering the exam. With the use of proctoring technologies you are in a position to cope up with this issue and the robust features enable the institutes to secure their online examination while maintaining integrity.

Another point of consensus is how it is possible to remote monitor things on what happens in the backdrop of a computer screen. There is no need for them to be aware on what is happening in the backdrop. But still the hack list that is adopted by students works out to be expensive. Still this logic does not hold any value and cheating is a common act.

The type of cheating on the screen

Copy paste

In a conventional exam one of the common types of cheating works out to be copy paste. Be it keeping the answers already who are in document mode or the study material from a separate document, such traditional forms of cheating have gone on to evoke positive response among the students. To be glued to the screen is also a way of misleading an invigilator who does not possess any type of information while observing the screen. He is not going to flag it off as a major cause of concern.

Mirror and screen sharing

When you are sitting for an exam from a remote location, candidates often end up relying on multiple software and the use of mirror apps does appear to be one of them. By the use of this app it allows another person access to the screen of the computer and they can give you answers. Even the students are known to be using Google docs during the course of tests where they go on to review or edit the response of other person and then share it with the invigilators.

Online browsing

With the power of the internet online cheating has gone on to become a walk in the park. An individual who relies on an unfair means is going to switch from an exam, as it can be the use of  various websites , social media sites or other sources choices to locate answers of their choice. Just you have to past the answers on to the URL and figure out the best solution from where you can plagiarize the answers.

Relying on the use of external devices

For example the likes of USD or a blue tooth device is easy to conceal and it makes them difficult to detect. Even the smart devices work out to be standard devices when it comes to the question of on screen cheating. Be it before or during the course of the test the students are going to plug it for their easy use.

Another possibility is to configure your computer with blue tooth before you sit for the exam. Even directly copying from them is easy for the tech centric students. A secure exam browser might be of help in such cases. This same logic holds true for blue tooth integrated devices or smart watches that rely on providing answers to the students.

Task switching

Regularly switching from one screen to another is a method of cheating that works out to be a common task. Even you are going to use keyboards or short cut controls that enables the task of cheating and makes them accessible in an easy way.

The worst part is that students continue to exploit the vulnerabilities despite the fact that there are proper control mechanisms in place so as to curb cheating. But once you adopt technology it goes a long way in making the exams safe and secure. There is no need to regularly deploy the IT staff or the browser of the student so as to adhere to the rules. There is a need to formulate a solution that integrates with the students need during the course of an examination. In fact the need of the hour is a robust and a credible platform that goes full out to prevent the possibility of mishaps during the exams. Not only it means deployment of technology but it is going to prevent any form of violation during the exam. There are a series of software that restricts the possibility of cheating to a major

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